We all know that social media is a vital part of any digital strategy these days, and it’s also a brilliant way to drive traffic to your website; but with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and many more to pick from, it can be difficult enough to decide which platforms you should be on, never mind trying to keep up with them all and be consistent long term.

Here at MWD Web Design in Southport, we look at the variety and number of platforms available as an advantage not a problem, because whatever business you’re in, there’ll be at least one platform that will be perfect for you and your target audience!

There’s also the fact that some people are very visual and prefer to see images or video, while some people prefer to get their information by reading, so, although it does take more time, covering several platforms can reach different audiences, giving you the best possible chance to engage with your target market.

If you want the advantages and the results from social media without having to spend every last waking minute tweeting, posting and pinning, why not hand your social media over to our expert team? Then you can relax and concentrate on building your business.

We’ll get to know you, your business and your target market, and then build a social media marketing strategy that reflects your branding, gives you the best possible results and fits seamlessly into your general marketing plan. We’ll look at the best times of day on all your social media to share content, interact with people on your behalf and drive people into your sales funnel by sharing fun and engaging content in different formats that your target market will love.

We can also look at your existing content and see where it can be repurposed to share for the best effect on social media. Perhaps that blog post you wrote a couple of years ago could be reused as an infographic or maybe that podcast could be turned into a great video.

There’s no point in sharing great content if you’re shouting into a vacuum, so we’ll also build your followers on all platforms to ensure that you have the widest possible audience, and the allimportant social proof.

Competitions and giveaways are great ways to drive traffic and engage your readers, but some social media platforms have strict rules about what you can and can’t do. Let us take care of that for you, so you don’t even have to think about it. We’ll manage your competition from start to finish and make sure that your business doesn’t fall foul of the rules.

We can also manage your social listening to make sure that you always know what people are saying about you and your competition, and that your business is not only adding content, but actively joining in with the conversation and responding to feedback and customer care issues as they happen.

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