So you’ve got your website up and running, it’s clean, clear and easy to use. You’ve got engaging features which keep your visitors on your page and a clearly mapped out buying journey no one can refuse. Yet you aren’t getting any real traffic. Why?

Well… think back to the bricks and mortar days. When a shop was opening, there would be adverts in relevant places, perhaps you’d get the local (and even national) newspapers to write an article on you. You’d create “hype” and that would bring people to you. Then everything else would be about how your store is set out and where it is positioned. Now, with stores, if you’re in a busy high street, plenty of people will come wandering by, but if you’re in a quiet backstreet area, you’ll find it harder to draw customers in.

Well, the same goes for an online store. You need to stand out whether you are a niche seller or you’re appealing to the mainstream consumers. How do you do this? Three little letters: SEO; what does SEO mean? Search engine optimisation. This is the equivalent of moving your store from a quiet backstreet to a bustling main road if you do it right.

Not sure how? That’s where we come in, at MWD Web Design, Southport, we’ll bust the jargon for you and find you the perfect set of keywords through our extensive research. Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO and the first step in taking your website to the next level. We won’t give you outdated, irrelevant or meaningless keywords either, because no self-respecting search engine will place your website first for having pointless, immaterial keywords.

Next we’ll look at the rest of your market. After all, if you don’t know what everyone else is up to, how can you possibly compete? This part of our SEO strategy relies on bench-marking to make sure you don’t get left behind in the dust. We’ll use this data and give you our optimisation recommendations, without you needing to lift a finger at all.

Of course, moderation is everything and we won’t be telling you to over-stuff your website with keywords until it explodes – that’s not a pretty sight and all modern day search engines will cotton on to this practice as well, sending any overeager website straight back down to the bottom of the pile. So we avoid this practice and instead give you real optimisation strategies that work. We’ll also advise you on all other aspects of SEO, such as load times and accessibility, which affect your rankings.

Long story short, once we’re done, you’ll be topping the rankings in all the search engines, and seeing your traffic skyrocket at a result. We’ll make you a front page hit, because page two of any search results is something very few will ever see. So what are you waiting for? Hit that 'contact us' button now and one of our SEO experts will be delighted to help make your website the next big thing.


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