Chances are, you'll be reading this on your phone. If you're not, when did you last pick yours up? More importantly, when was the last time you clicked on an app? Unless you've just woken up, we'd bet it was less than an hour ago. It's this integration in every day life that, at MWD Web Design, we want to harness for your business, and help you get under people's thumbs. We're an agency offering you the four things we're most passionate about: web design, promotion, support, and naturally, development. When it comes to the latter, whether it's web or mobile, we have your back at creating the most usable interfaces, with the most creative new ways to engage with your content. With a world that keeps its eyes on the iPhone, or Android, or whatever smartphone you're using, apps are at the forefront of the business world.

Keeping you (h)appy

It doesn't matter if you're a startup that's prioritised interactivity via app from day one, or if you're a business that's been around for a few years now and has just decided to make the move to mobile. Whatever the case, MWD Web Design is here to keep you happy throughout the mobile app process, from the initial idea stage right through to its first phone install. With a very friendly and expert team based in Southport, Merseyside, we'll help you get that small square of colour on mobile screens across the country, and who knows, maybe even across the globe. That's the power of an app!

Personal with personality

If your website is the cereal, your app should be the cereal bar: all the greatness of your website, but with the ability to take it anywhere. With this versatility in mind, and the knowledge that a facet of your business is likely to be in and out of someone's pocket for most of the day, your mobile app should be as personal as the phone is to its user, and therefore to your customer. It's exactly why each mobile app we develop is tailored exactly to your individual needs and requirements, including everything from the colour of the hamburger button to whether you want your 'about' section to be part of your home page or on its own separate pedestal.

The app-eal

It's becoming more and more essential for businesses to have a place on people's mobiles. Sure, your customers can still give you a Google, but it saves them time and effort to just click on your logo once they've swiped their phone to unlock. As a marketplace that is forever rapidly growing, yes it's crowded, but if you've got something to offer, then at MWD Web Design we can make you a mobile app that is sure to stand head and shoulders above the rest. We've got the understanding of the app world that will set you apart, down to the last pixel.

MWD Web Design is here to help you expand your business into palms across the planet. Our design and development team is invested in creating an app that you'll be excited to have and to hold. Contact us today to find out what we can do to bring you into the mobile world.


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